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The Cuban


Toward the end of the 1800s the Cuban cigar industry moved from Cuba to Ybor City, where most of the Cuban immigrants worked. These immigrants brought their customs and traditions, one of which was the "mixto" sandwich for lunch. This favorite of the Cuban worker consisted of mixed meats between loaves of bread. It was something easy to prepare and carry to work, which is why it soon became the favorite lunch of the cigar workers in Ybor City and later West Tampa, because of the little time the workers were afforded to eat lunch. Before long, the ''mixto'' became the Cuban sandwich we know and love today.

Since then, many restaurants have come and gone but none like the Aguila Sandwich Shop, which is here to stay. 

The Founders 

Mario and Angela Aguila



Aguila Sandwich Shop established in 1987, it has been a staple of the Tampa community, serving only the best Cuban sandwich in a family atmosphere and with outstanding food quality, all of which have earned it the title of the best Cuban sandwich shop in America.